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FUJITSU Manufacturing Industry Solution
Building Facilities CAD CADEWA Real English Edition

Fujitsu’s solution automatically generates 3D CGs from 2D drawings and allows for editing 3D CGs and reflecting the results in 2D format. It can be used to make things visible, reveal hidden structures and achieve consensus.

CADEWA Product

Customer Benefits

Effects of interactive coordination between 2D drawings and 3D CGs

This product’s technology for real-time, interactive coordination between 2D drawings and 3D CGs (patent registered in Japan) allows you to freely operate screens for 2D drawings, cross-sections and 3D CGs, and greatly helps to make things visible, reveal hidden structures and achieve consensus.

CADEWA Product
Using general-purpose CAD (number of mouse clicks) Using CADEWA Real (number of clicks)
Allocating devices 93 Allocating devices 83
Drawing center lines 315 Drawing center lines 38
Allocating joints 513 Allocating joints 51
Drawing straight pipes 885 Drawing straight pipes 90
Removing parts (hidden lines) 42
Removing decomposed joints 25
Total 1,876 Total 262

Shortening the drawing time by reducing the number of clicks using Fujitsu’s building facilities CAD

To make a drawing of a rest room area, for example, CADEWA Real English Edition reduces the number of clicks to approximately one-seventh that of general-purpose CAD (Auto CAD) solutions by simultaneously allocating a large variety of available materials and by utilizing easy-to-use, speedy route creation/editing features. Fujitsu’s solution reduces the time and costs required to make drawings and contributes to enhancing your competitiveness

It takes only four clicks to create a routing for the piping shown below. A 3D CG is automatically generated. Five clicks are all that is needed to make a drawing of electrical wiring, with the necessary number of cable cores, end covers, and elision symbols.

CADEWA Product

Case Study

CADEWA Product

Use CADEWA to build a win-win relationship!

Company A

Construction revenue: 107 Billion yen
Company A’s use of CADEWA in Southeast Asia
Company A performs design and construction work at affiliated companies in nine ASEAN nations. The company was using 2D CAD to draw blueprints and construction plans. However, due to difficulties in checking and verifying space information in advance based on 2D CAD drawings, defects often occurred in joints.
To prevent such defects by using the 3D CG technical knowledge acquired in Japan to draw blueprints and construction plans overseas, Company A decided to develop an English version of its own CADEWA system used in Japan—with the full cooperation of Fujitsu Systems West that originally created the system.
As a result, Company A is able to explain construction designs to clients using 3D CGs generated by CADEWA prior to construction and determine the allocation of equipment, piping routes, and support positions at an early stage in the design. This has contributed to reducing reworking and improving construction quality.

Company B

Construction revenue: 155 Billion yen
Company B’s use of CADEWA in Vietnam
Company B uses Building facilities CAD CADEWA to perform construction work at machine factories and other work sites in Vietnam. When there is a need to renovate peripheral facilities at their client’s request as a result of changes to factory production lines, Company B takes advantage of the 3D CG features of CADEWA at meetings with clients. This greatly reduces the workload of Company B, the contractor, and the client.
CADEWA Product
Benefit Verify the balance between the production line and the facility line on the CAD system. Benefit Improve meeting efficiency by showing the design in 3D CGs to clients who cannot read drawings.

Function Introduction

CADEWA Real is equipped with features especially for facilities operations

CADEWA Product
CADEWA Product
CADEWA Product
CADEWA Product

Common to all facilities

Interference check
Compatitble with other CADs
  • Edits routes directly from 3D CGs
  • Simultaneously checks all interferences in a drawing
  • Intuitively easy to use
  • 3D data provided by manufacturers
  • It is possible to make a new registration of 3D-DXF and 3D-DWG as CADEWA’s device/instrument data.
Cadewa Product

Air-conditioning / Sanitary system

Route drawing
Automatic hidden lines
Route editing
Cadewa Product
Cadewa Product
  • Can draw simple routes by using only 2D drawings
  • Automatically generates routes by obtaining size/level data from the connection points set in devices and instruments
  • Automatically generates isometric views from 2D drawings
  • Allows you to freely select 1Line/2Line views
Cadewa Product

Electrical system

Device Allocation
Pattern wiring
Automatic hidden lines
Cadewa Product
  • Equipped with features for wiring pattern selection and automatic hidden line processing; simultaneously draws a wiring plan, allocates wiring, and generates arrows; equipped with many efficiency-improving features
  • Simultaneously converts all electric parts in electrical wiring plans generated by other CADs into CADEWA Real parts
  • Automatically generates detailed views from 2D drawings
Cadewa Product
Cadewa Product

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